Okan UckunWhere mathematics meets aesthetics. That’s the style of the designs of turskish tattoo artist Okan Uçkun. That’s how you will recognise his tattoos without a single doubt among thousands of others. And why we love them. Please, meet the creator himself.

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What did you dream of as a kid ?

I was born in 1986 in Hatay. I opened my eyes in a hot climate in the south of Turkey and almost my entire life passed on the mediterranean shores. Now, I live and work in Istanbul. My childhood dream was to become an astronaut. My mother and father were banker and that corporate life and clothes were unlovable elements for me. But if I had to make a list of my childhood professions, they would be : writer, musician and astronaut. Today, I am still interested in topics such as physics and space science. That’s why you can often see the link with these elements in my designs.

Who were your childhood heroes ?

I was not the kind of kid who put posters on his walls or have a hero. If needed, my real hero was my dad. He was a really strong man and for that reason, I didn’t need another hero beside him.

What did you thought you would do ?

I thought I would become a banker like my dad, dress and talk like he did. In the end, it didn’t last very long.

What was your first tattoo ?

I made my first tattoo at my friend’s music studio using equipment  I bought online. The design was an indian skull which came along with the equipment package.

Of all the designs and drawings you tattooed on people, which tattoos are you especially proud of ?

I think the most special designs for me are from my early days as a tattoo artist. I decided to start tattooing in many different styles to create my own. With each tattoo, I learnt someone’s secret, and I made my contribution with my design. To me, it is a great feeling to know my design is going to last until your last day, while you are growing old, traveling, being in love…

How would you define your style as a tattoo artist ?

“Conceptual mathematics” is how I would describe my designs. I like designing complicated things with the use of conceptual and I also like mathematics and its effects to be a part of my designs. They are created in a totally minimalist structure. I cherish Scandinavian minimalism. I just try to do things I found pleasing aesthetically. To me, it is really important to like both the design and person getting tattooed. Otherwise, I don’t even do it.

Do you think everybody will be tattooed in the future ?

Tattoos are getting more and more popular each day. The use of social media and the Internet is turning tattoo artists into rock stars. I guess everyone will have a tattoo in the future. I just hope they will have the right ones.

01/20/2016 – Email interview by Christophe Chadefaud

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  • Tattoo Trip #7 : Okan Uçkun, Istanbul (Turkey)
  • His studio : Golden Arrow Street, Istanbul
  • On Instagram : @okanuckun
  • Website : https://www.okanuckun.com

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